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Because structuring an app is like building a house…

It’s the developer way of life 💻

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console.log(window);    // Window {...}

styled-components is an approach to writing CSS, in JavaScript. It has all the features which enhance the styling of React components

  • Automatic critical CSS — No unnecessary code on your page, only renders the CSS when the components are injected into a page
  • Dynamic styling — It adapts the styling of a component based on the props
  • Supports Global CSS
  • Supports Server Side Rendering (SSR)
  • Automatic vendor prefixes
  • Unique class names, that means no class names bugs

Not Knowing Everything Is Okay

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List of things I don’t know:

  • Unix commands and bash — I can manage with ls, cd and the world-famous rm -rf Can manage with grep but for everything else, I’ve to lookup.
  • CSS Methodologies — No BEMs, No OOCSS. I can do plain CSS. Currently using Tailwind CSS or styled-components. CSS-in-JS is the one I’m rocking now🤘
  • TypeScript — Type checking in JavaScript is not…

The useEffect hook lets you perform side effects in function components

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