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Hello everyone 👋 I’m Chetan Raj, a developer from Bangalore, India 🇮🇳 I started posting blogs and code snippets at the beginning of my career. I write about my experiences, my learnings and I love to help others.

I’m an obsessed coffee lover ☕️ and a Hot Wheels collector 🏎

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In this article, I present 7 interesting React hooks worth trying out in your React projects.

1. useSound

The useSound hook is one of the most interesting hooks I have found. I have used this hook in my blog — when clicked on the toggle theme [light/dark] icon on the top right…

The front-end realm in the production environment is always difficult to debug because the user tests the app in their mobile app or mobile browser. We cannot capture their console log statements, and we literally can’t peek 👀 into it 😂. …


Notion is a powerful 💪 tool. When I get an idea for content creation — I quickly open Notion and jot it down. Here I have created multiple pages and categorized them into Posts, Stories, Tweets, Ideas💡 & I also write drafts of my blogs here. One more thing I…

Yes, it’s possible, with Astro and ship 🚀 with less code.

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Astro is a new JavaScript bundler in the market. It follows the Bring Your Own Framework (BYOF) strategy and loads the components on-demand. Astro is still in the Beta version (v0.19). They’re planning for a v1.0.0 release later this…

Prerequisite — You’ll need to have Node installed on your machine to run these commands.

I’ll be referring to this sample package.json when referring to the commands used below 👇

npm init -y

This command will initialize your package in any directory. This command uses default values and it will not prompt…

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In this article, I will be explaining how to write code that is easier to read and understand using async/await.

Usecase — To search a book by its name from the one API endpoint that has the book ISBN, title and price and another API endpoint to check if that…

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The ecosystems where JavaScript runs have increased widely. Starting with the browsers, it has now extended to servers, smartwatches, and even in the field of AI or ML.

To access the global object in each environment, JavaScript has its own object model and provides a different syntax.

For example, in…

  • Automatic critical CSS — No unnecessary code on your page, only renders the CSS when the components are injected into a page
  • Dynamic styling — It adapts the styling of a component based on the props
  • Supports Global CSS
  • Supports Server Side Rendering (SSR)
  • Automatic vendor prefixes
  • Unique class names…

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